Oh NO He Didn’t!!??!

We all love getting Mail, right.
I mean real old fashioned snail mail.  Not the bills, periodicals, fliers, etc.  that show up on the regular, and end up in the recycle bin, with barely a notice.

Well, imagine my delight when a hand written envelope showed up addressed to me, from that distinctive handwriting that could only be my dad’s.

I was excited to see what it was – curious to be sure, and as I tore in, I saw this handwritten note. How sweet, right? He thought of me, and thought it important enough to carefully clip, and send.


As I gleefully looked at the article – it didn’t take long for my smile to fade. Instantly I was – well , I wasn’t sure what I was – hurt? sad? annoyed? confused! Yes that’s it. Had I mentioned that I was interested in losing weight? Im pretty sure – no, downright confident that I NEVER mentioned taking up running. So if I didn’t mention it, had I inadvertently entered a new weight class in which my own father had decided needed to be addressed?


I knew who would be able to help me make some sense of this, this, this, obviously well intended insult mail … enter, my sister! But before I called her, I knew she’d have to see it to understand, so I decided to take a picture of the article to text over to her. In so doing, the clipping fell to the floor … and well, whaddya know it landed upside down, only to expose this:


Ohhhhhh, so THIS is what he wanted me to see:

“5 Ways to Help Kids with Autism Make Friends.”

EUREKA! HALLELUJAH! YESSSSSS! Now THAT makes sense, and THAT does not make me sad OR confused. Only Relieved… 🤣😂😅

Yes, I did that on purpose!

I called my dad, and laughed my way through the telling of the story, and thanked him for sending the very thoughtful article that would most assuredly be helpful for our boys.                                                                    ❤️

Last week, a familiar envelope showed up in our mailbox.
Addressed to me.
By my Dad.

Only this time, he went to great lengths to ensure there were no misunderstandings.


Clear As Day.


And as sweet, and helpful as the last.

And this my friends is what I am sure is the start of a fun new tradition between my dad and I. And that makes me smile. (#tmms for those of you blog followers!) ❤️

You Heard the Lady,

She’s Baaaaack!

Last year, Mother’s Day I published my first blog. It was something I had wanted to do for some time, and with a prod and some technical assistance from my dear friend TOB, I was up and running.

And I was loving writing, reflecting and sharing my random musings. In fact, I made it a habit. Every Friday I posted. Some weeks I was sneaking it in at the buzzer, some weeks I had it written early and scheduled to go. But I did it religiously. Until I didn’t.

I can’t tell you exactly when I fell off of the blogger wagon, but I think I know why.

While I have never had a true theme – I was sensing a pattern. It was disappointment and struggle. At least that’s what it felt like to me. And, now that I think about it, it probably felt that way to others. At least one friend asked if I was okay, and people liked, commented and shared my posts less regularly. So, I found less reasons to write. Less inspiration. Perhaps I just felt a little less.

And, being the eternal optimist that I am, I guess I couldn’t bear the thought of putting anything out there that was less than fun. Or that felt “less than.” Hence, my absence.

blog 1

But a few things have catapulted me back into the writing game. Well, at least long enough to share this post.

1) Mother’s Day. It reminded me of my little blog’s anniversary, and made me think about all of the above.

blog 2

2) I got a J-O-B! I didn’t even know I wanted one until a few months ago. I have been #funemployed (well, self-employed) for the last 4 ½ years and loved every minute of it. Until I didn’t. Until I realized something was missing. Until I realized I wanted a new challenge. Until I had a run of unfortunate disappointments. And until I met some really cool people and found what feels like a really good fit…

3) Visiting Jasmine and David. I’ve missed them. A lot. And being there for these last 6 days has filled my tank. (And my belly – damn the food in Austin is amazing. And the cocktails. BUT, I think we laughed enough that it may just have counted as exercise.) I feel good coming home to Batman and the gang, and we will undoubtedly be looking for an excuse to get back to be with those two hooligans again soon. And the dogs. And the donuts. And the BBQ.

blog 3


blog 4.jpg

I am hearing James Brown’s “I Feel Good!” on autoplay in my head (which always makes me think of Bob Simpson, which makes me think of Judy Simpson, and then I think of all of my mentors along the way … )

And so, while it’s not Friday, and while it’s been awhile, here I am. In all my former glory? I guess we are about to find out.

You Heard the Lady,


Gracias. Merci. Hey, Thanks!

This week I got a thank you card from one of my friends for something that I sent her – a pretty long time ago.  She said in her beautiful card that her own life had been a bit of a nightmare for the last year, and now that she’s coming up for air, she wanted to say thank you for that thing, that time.

It blew my mind, and I’ve been thinking about that card all week.  I was surprised and delighted and it reminded me of a time a few months back when another friend literally sent me a large envelope with FOUR thank you cards inside. Cards she said she had written, but had left unsent on her desk, until now.  How adorable is that?  (Is it a coincidence that both of these friends are named Mary, hmmm… wait! That’s not important to the story, so please, try to keep up!)

Thank You, Thanks, Card, Message, Note

I personally find the writing and posting of paper thank you cards a lost art, and that makes me sad. With snail mail taking a back seat to the quick and easy email, text or “pm” most people have abandoned the good old fashioned thank you card. Or, they fall victim to the “I’ll get to it” (and never do) or the “I meant to” (and never did) mentality.  My above-mentioned friends affirmed a few things for me with their notes:

Thank you notes make everyone smile. No matter when they are sent. Or received.

And that I’m going to keep on keeping on with my intention to say THANK YOU as often as I can, to as many people as I can, in as many ways that I can.

Heck, even Jimmy Fallon has dedicated a segment of his show every Friday night to Thank You Notes.

Now, for the record, this is MY bar, that I set for MYSELF.  I seriously don’t ever remember wondering why “so and so” didn’t send a thank you card. Or if they did, why it took so long … so it’s not a plea to ask people to get on it and make sure to do it. (Except my children, please, get on it and make sure you do it!)

I guess it’s just a THANK YOU for saying THANK YOU, and reminding me that doing so is what the cool kids do.

And now, I’m going to go get a stamp and mail the thank you card that has been sitting on my counter for a few weeks.

Wait,  should I send a thank you note to those of you who read, comment and share this little blog of mine? Yes, yeah, I probably should.

You Heard the Lady,


I’m Married to Batman

My husband loves Batman. His favorite superhero for many reasons, not the least of which I care to explain. Something about the car, and blah blah blah.  He’s a BAT. And a Man. And since I’m admittedly not an expert on Super Heroes, SciFi or anything that forces me to suspend belief … suffice it to say, I’m largely unimpressed.  BUT, I do think the BAT SIGNAL is super cool.  Shine that distress signal up in the sky and your masked man comes to save the day.

Alright, you have my attention.

Before you send the Beverage Bat-Signal®!

The Batmobile. Yes, nice.

1966 Batmobile - GTA5-Mods.com

The Bat Phone. Serves a great purpose.

Polycom SoundPoint IP Bat Phone | The .e4 Report

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Place.  Just sounds fun.

Does that make me Bat Girl? Hey! I’m diggin’ this!

Recently on a dinner date, the hubs wore his Batman tshirt under a super cool Ralph Lauren corduroy dinner jacket. Correction: he ROCKED it.  And before you wonder why anyone would put together such a combination, let me tell you that my initial reaction was “NO WAY!” After all, WHO does that?? But if anyone could pull it off, he could. And pull it off, he did. From there, my friend Mary has started referring to him as … you guessed it … Batman.

The 25 Brands That Nailed Logo Design | Lumina

And evidently he likes it, as in a recent discussion Tim shared that when we someday become grandparents, he’d just like to be called “Batman!”

 Which I think is PERFECTION.

Can you just imagine our Littles:

Mommy, is Batman coming to my Birthday Party?

Dad, can we please go to Batman’s? (Oooooh – the Batcave!)

Hey little guy, where did you get that cool shirt?” “Oh, from Batman…”

And the fights that will happen in kindergarten.

YOU don’t really know Batman. Yes I do! No, you don’t. Yes I DO!

Now, to be clear, I’ve never heard of another grandfather referred to as Batman, so as far as we know, Tim is the first, so don’t try and steal his idea. Messing with Batman would not be your smartest move. Just sayin’.


This whole thing (Bat) suits my hubby. And I’m amused.

So, henceforth I shall refer to him as Batman in my blogs, to get him ready for the someday when we hope he will have that title bestowed upon him by a small person.

You Heard the Lady,


One Word

Since I probably should have posted this weeks ago to officially start the New Year, how fitting to start the CHINESE New Year off right, with a new and long overdue blog post. Welcome to the Year of the Pig.

year of the pig

You may have heard that successful people share similar traits, but more so, habits. In a weekend workshop with best-selling author Jon Gordon several years ago, he shared about one of his habits – one he’s written on, and coached to. He suggested to the group that we all choose our word for the year. One word that defines what we want to bring to fruition in that year.

In my words “that thing you want to do, be or have.”

one-word-change-life-expandedone wordjon gordon

He gave us time to think and put pencil to paper. And that’s when I got really clever!

 My word was to be “HERE.”

To be present with those I love. To be mindful of my focus and attention.

But … think about it: When you HEAR the word HERE, you can also think it means HEAR. Which is where the clever bit comes in.

Because, you see, to be HERE and show up in my life, I also need to HEAR what others are saying and meaning.  So smart, right?

Well, when Jon went around the room and asked us to share our word – I explained that my one word was to be two, and how they went together so well.

He was not amused. ONE WORD LADY. ONE!
(I joke, although he did get me to focus, he was kind and gentle with his guidance. As you might expect, if you’ve read his books, seen him speak or followed him at all.)

The irony wasn’t lost on me.  Even then, I had more to say. But, I digress…

The idea is to take your word and surround yourself with it. Not only think of it often, but to live it and make it a part of your world. Helping to shape your year into what you want it to be.  After all, what you think about, you bring about.  Literally surround yourself with your word.

Make sure it’s on your Vision Board, under a magnet on your refrigerator, heck – put it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror. (That was NOT intended to be a shameless plug for my new cosmetics business, but what the heck … check out my website at www.viccosmetics.com/thankyou should you need a new lipstick shade.)   But truly, put it up anywhere and everywhere to remind yourself to stay true to your Word.

So, bring on 2019!

This year, the word I have chosen is CELEBRATE.

This year, I intend to celebrate everything. All things. Small victories. Big Wins. Lessons Learned. Successes – mine and yours. I want to cheer for you, and brag about others. I want confetti, party favors, smiles, laughs and hugs. After all there is plenty to celebrate all around us. And every day.

celebrat everything

(And did you notice, I didn’t say “I might”, “I’ll try” “I want to” or the like.


Powerful words to go along with my One Word.  And there I go again…

You Heard the Lady,

What is YOUR Word for 2019, Friends?

Stop. Start. Keep!

Many years ago – in counseling, I think – I first heard of this strategy:

Decide which things are important for you to Stop Doing, Start Doing & Keep Doing.  I’ve put it to use in relationships, at work and in my life, in general.

stop start keep

When times get tough. I pull this out.  When it’s time to start a new chapter, I pull this out.  When I need to redirect my energies, I pull this out.

I’m redirecting my energies, as most people probably are at this time of year.
It’s the last weekend of the holidays. It’s time to get back to a routine, and time to put all these new resolutions, habits and intentions into full force.

I’ll STOP letting my “need” to stay on top of everything take priority over the real priorities.  (read: relax, be present, slow down)

I’ll START putting time back into my mornings for reflection, writing and setting my intentions.  (Why oh why do we ever allow ourselves to get pulled from the things we know are so good for us?)

I’ll KEEP ordering my groceries. 🙂 Damn! I did that for the first time around Thanksgiving and don’t know what took me so long to find this bit of magic!?! #gamechanger #jewelkeepssendingmecoupons now #goingtothegrocerystoreisforamateurs

Now, I just “found time” to get that writing and reflecting in – well whaddya know….

As for you, my dear friends here’s my 2019 wish – I hope you:

STOP being so hard on yourself. We are all doing the best we can. (You are, aren’t you!?!)

START something new.  Anything new. A new habit, a new hobby, a new chapter. Just begin. Like today, right now.

KEEP believing that ANYTHING you want, is possible. You can find it. It’s out there, whatever “it” is (If it wasn’t supposed to be, you never would have thought of it!)

You Heard the Lady,




Another Trip Around the Sun

For all of us.  (Spoiler alert – this is my version of a year end card…)

I’d like to say WE MADE IT! But some have not. I lost a mentor this year, and my sweet uncle.  My dear friend just lost her mom, and my heart hurts for her as I consider how very different her holidays were this year.

“Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  Okay, true. But it still sucks. 

Best Quotes: Love hurt?

I’ve been weepy considering that Jasmine just left for her new Chapter in Texas. It’s an interesting conundrum: How can one be so very excited (and PROUD!) of their wee little one testing out her wings and at the same time be so scared,  and so selfishly wishing she was just in the next room, or at the very least, the next town.  I’m happy David will be with her. He’s goodness,  and he makes her laugh,  and they both make me smile.

“You should be proud! You’ve helped raise her to be this strong independant woman…” I AM proud. Now hold my hand. 

How to Draw Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants: 9 Steps

Career changes: Add. Subtract.  I’m closing a chapter, and opening a new door.

  “Who moved my cheese?”  It’s okay. There is more cheese! 

New Chapter In Life Quotes. QuotesGram

Today also marks 4 years of wedded bliss with Mr. DeLisle. The man is a saint. Just ask anyone.

Our life is complicated. And full.  And awesome.  I hope you feel the same about yours.   


Which brings me to New Year’s Resolutions. This is simple: Let’s all just do better this year. That’s all. 

Don’t go changing too much – I quite like you the way you are. 

You Heard the Lady,



Holiday Traditions

I live for this time of year! I love the holidays, and everything that comes with this busy, crazy time.  It tends to be the busiest time of year in my industry, and yet, I don’t mind kicking everying into hyper:drive to get to fit it all in.

Holiday Season in 3, 2, 1 … GO!

In our home, there are the things we ALWAYS do and somehow the list of things we USED to do is growing.  I know it is just a side effect of family dynamics changing, but I try desperately to hold on to some of the traditions, while we gently let other ones evolve.

We ALWAYS make our caramels (this year Patrick did them start to finish by himself and THAT is a BIG job!)  We always have way too many gifts. We always follow Jasmine’s wrapping protocol (or else!), and we always run all over the place and make sure we sneak the time in with those we love.

We USED to do the 12 days of Christmas (read above:  we always have way too many gifts, and this just might be the genesis of that.)  We used to open one a day each day during the 12 days, and spread out the cheer.  When Mickey moved out, we kept it up.  When Jasmine went to college, we did it via FaceTime, and somehow, as the kiddos started to disburse, we lost that piece of our tradition.

One of my favorite decorations is a sign that reads:  THE KIDS HERE ARE: and at the bottom has a board that can be moved to read NAUGHTY or NICE.  When then kiddos were little, a constant battle ensued.  Jasmine couldn’t bear to have it say NAUGHTY, and Mickey saw that as a challenge! 🙂

No one really fights to flip it back and forth any more, but I LOVE seeing it, and remembering those days.

We have a tradition of critiquing Christmas Light displays.  If it’s a job well done – well, “that man is obvously an excellent father.” If there is a small sprinkling of lights on one certain area, that’s a “Why Bother” and God Forbid you use all different colors of lights and just generally throw up Christmas on your front lawn. Nope. That’s a “MISH MOSH!” (Of course, we have no lights outside, so we are completely unqualified to judge, but what’s the fun in that!?

So many more things come to mind: The cookies we always bake. What goes under which tree, the pierogies my dad always gets for me from the church, the lump of coal I always pull out and revel in the story/memory.  Our matching stockings. The “one person at a time” gift opening routine.  I cherish this time of year, and the things our family has made so special.

When in England earlier this year, one of the guards at the Tower of London spoke about tradition. He said that when it comes to tradition, you absolutely cannot waiver. You cannot miss it even a single time, for then it becomes too easy to set aside, and the important tradition(s) can be lost forever.

I so agree. I so get it. And yet the memories of some of those things that we had to change over the years, are marked in my memory and on my heart.

You Heard the Lady,


p.s. I  am also absolutely fascinated with  other people’s traditions. What’s your favorite?




Because We Can. We Must…

zcenter logo
When I first learned of the Z Center and the work that they do, one statistic struck me:

“1 in every 4 women will be the victim of a sexual assault before they turn 18…” I actually wasn’t struck, I was haunted.

If it wasn’t me, perhaps my daughter? My sister? My niece?

And I had to do something. Help stop the stigma. Help break the cycle. Help change that stat. Stat.

I’ve since been through a 40 hour training/certification and help out where I can.

Helping to raise funds, awareness, and being on call, once a week to be a Medical Advocate for any victims that might show up in Lake County Hospitals.  I’ve helped a little, but learned a TON, and am proud to be partnered with an organization like the Zacharias Center.

That’s why last week’s blog post was delayed until today, #givingtuesday in hopes that you will consider sharing what you can with this worthy organization.  https://www.ilgive.com/organizations/zacharias-sexual-abuse-center

(AND, there is a matching grant from a foundation in Lake County so for every dollar raised, ZCenter will receive a matching dollar!)

As a treat, I wanted to share this – one of my most favorite short videos. It will make you smile, and I hope it makes you think.



consent is sexy


You Heard the Lady,


You Know What You Touched



I’m so very pleased with my purchase from last night.  I was a bit horrified when I saw them; “It would be funny if it weren’t true!”

While I understand that the autistic teenagers that hang out at our residence might need some nudging and reminding (like, constantly!), I would hope that would be where this would end.

Evidently not. Or WHY ELSE would the nice lady at the holiday boutique last night make – and sell – said soap dispensers? (To other nice ladies, like myself??)

And then I got to thinking. (Because what else better defines “Random Musings of a Classic Overthinker” than this?)  But, why, in the name of all that is Holy, do I ever have to see a woman leave a public bathroom without washing her hands? WHY?  Did her mother never teach her? Was she never shamed into washing, even begrudgingly? Does she not like soap? Does she have a secret plan to contaminate the entire population and move on to other world domination plots? I just do not understand.

It seems to me that I am falling into a “judging” zone, which I believe I just wrote about last week.

Is this different? Can I judge on this particular transgression? Or no, am I actually bound to my own musings? Dammit.

I know that I have totally judged on this in the past, when I saw a woman walk right out of her stall and into the public, only to realize that she was in a stall that housed its own sink. I had to apologize to her in my own mind, and of course gave her the benefit of the doubt. Because, really, she would have washed. Right??  And to be fair, it’s rare. I don’t see it often, but when I do. I’M SHOCKED! What…? How…? Whyyyyy?!?!

Now, men, I obviously have no idea if you are washing or not. (Except for those of you with whom I cohabitate – yes, I know, I am all over you like white on rice…)  But for the rest of you, I don’t make a practice of hanging out in men’s restrooms – and you’re welcome – but for the love of donuts, PLEASE don’t make me wonder. Just wash the F-ing hands.

Don’t be gross.  You know what you touched.
You Heard the Lady,