Because We Can. We Must…

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When I first learned of the Z Center and the work that they do, one statistic struck me:

“1 in every 4 women will be the victim of a sexual assault before they turn 18…” I actually wasn’t struck, I was haunted.

If it wasn’t me, perhaps my daughter? My sister? My niece?

And I had to do something. Help stop the stigma. Help break the cycle. Help change that stat. Stat.

I’ve since been through a 40 hour training/certification and help out where I can.

Helping to raise funds, awareness, and being on call, once a week to be a Medical Advocate for any victims that might show up in Lake County Hospitals.  I’ve helped a little, but learned a TON, and am proud to be partnered with an organization like the Zacharias Center.

That’s why last week’s blog post was delayed until today, #givingtuesday in hopes that you will consider sharing what you can with this worthy organization.

(AND, there is a matching grant from a foundation in Lake County so for every dollar raised, ZCenter will receive a matching dollar!)

As a treat, I wanted to share this – one of my most favorite short videos. It will make you smile, and I hope it makes you think.


consent is sexy


You Heard the Lady,


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