Another Trip Around the Sun

For all of us.  (Spoiler alert – this is my version of a year end card…)

I’d like to say WE MADE IT! But some have not. I lost a mentor this year, and my sweet uncle.  My dear friend just lost her mom, and my heart hurts for her as I consider how very different her holidays were this year.

“Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  Okay, true. But it still sucks. 

Best Quotes: Love hurt?

I’ve been weepy considering that Jasmine just left for her new Chapter in Texas. It’s an interesting conundrum: How can one be so very excited (and PROUD!) of their wee little one testing out her wings and at the same time be so scared,  and so selfishly wishing she was just in the next room, or at the very least, the next town.  I’m happy David will be with her. He’s goodness,  and he makes her laugh,  and they both make me smile.

“You should be proud! You’ve helped raise her to be this strong independant woman…” I AM proud. Now hold my hand. 

How to Draw Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants: 9 Steps

Career changes: Add. Subtract.  I’m closing a chapter, and opening a new door.

  “Who moved my cheese?”  It’s okay. There is more cheese! 

New Chapter In Life Quotes. QuotesGram

Today also marks 4 years of wedded bliss with Mr. DeLisle. The man is a saint. Just ask anyone.

Our life is complicated. And full.  And awesome.  I hope you feel the same about yours.   


Which brings me to New Year’s Resolutions. This is simple: Let’s all just do better this year. That’s all. 

Don’t go changing too much – I quite like you the way you are. 

You Heard the Lady,



3 thoughts on “Another Trip Around the Sun”

  1. Happy New Year to one of my all time favorites! Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Delisle!! Sweet Jasmine has spread her wings and you’ve given her great roots. She will be back often. I’m here to help fill in the gaps! To new beginnings! xoxo

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