One Word

Since I probably should have posted this weeks ago to officially start the New Year, how fitting to start the CHINESE New Year off right, with a new and long overdue blog post. Welcome to the Year of the Pig.

year of the pig

You may have heard that successful people share similar traits, but more so, habits. In a weekend workshop with best-selling author Jon Gordon several years ago, he shared about one of his habits – one he’s written on, and coached to. He suggested to the group that we all choose our word for the year. One word that defines what we want to bring to fruition in that year.

In my words “that thing you want to do, be or have.”

one-word-change-life-expandedone wordjon gordon

He gave us time to think and put pencil to paper. And that’s when I got really clever!

 My word was to be “HERE.”

To be present with those I love. To be mindful of my focus and attention.

But … think about it: When you HEAR the word HERE, you can also think it means HEAR. Which is where the clever bit comes in.

Because, you see, to be HERE and show up in my life, I also need to HEAR what others are saying and meaning.  So smart, right?

Well, when Jon went around the room and asked us to share our word – I explained that my one word was to be two, and how they went together so well.

He was not amused. ONE WORD LADY. ONE!
(I joke, although he did get me to focus, he was kind and gentle with his guidance. As you might expect, if you’ve read his books, seen him speak or followed him at all.)

The irony wasn’t lost on me.  Even then, I had more to say. But, I digress…

The idea is to take your word and surround yourself with it. Not only think of it often, but to live it and make it a part of your world. Helping to shape your year into what you want it to be.  After all, what you think about, you bring about.  Literally surround yourself with your word.

Make sure it’s on your Vision Board, under a magnet on your refrigerator, heck – put it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror. (That was NOT intended to be a shameless plug for my new cosmetics business, but what the heck … check out my website at should you need a new lipstick shade.)   But truly, put it up anywhere and everywhere to remind yourself to stay true to your Word.

So, bring on 2019!

This year, the word I have chosen is CELEBRATE.

This year, I intend to celebrate everything. All things. Small victories. Big Wins. Lessons Learned. Successes – mine and yours. I want to cheer for you, and brag about others. I want confetti, party favors, smiles, laughs and hugs. After all there is plenty to celebrate all around us. And every day.

celebrat everything

(And did you notice, I didn’t say “I might”, “I’ll try” “I want to” or the like.


Powerful words to go along with my One Word.  And there I go again…

You Heard the Lady,

What is YOUR Word for 2019, Friends?

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