Gracias. Merci. Hey, Thanks!

This week I got a thank you card from one of my friends for something that I sent her – a pretty long time ago.  She said in her beautiful card that her own life had been a bit of a nightmare for the last year, and now that she’s coming up for air, she wanted to say thank you for that thing, that time.

It blew my mind, and I’ve been thinking about that card all week.  I was surprised and delighted and it reminded me of a time a few months back when another friend literally sent me a large envelope with FOUR thank you cards inside. Cards she said she had written, but had left unsent on her desk, until now.  How adorable is that?  (Is it a coincidence that both of these friends are named Mary, hmmm… wait! That’s not important to the story, so please, try to keep up!)

Thank You, Thanks, Card, Message, Note

I personally find the writing and posting of paper thank you cards a lost art, and that makes me sad. With snail mail taking a back seat to the quick and easy email, text or “pm” most people have abandoned the good old fashioned thank you card. Or, they fall victim to the “I’ll get to it” (and never do) or the “I meant to” (and never did) mentality.  My above-mentioned friends affirmed a few things for me with their notes:

Thank you notes make everyone smile. No matter when they are sent. Or received.

And that I’m going to keep on keeping on with my intention to say THANK YOU as often as I can, to as many people as I can, in as many ways that I can.

Heck, even Jimmy Fallon has dedicated a segment of his show every Friday night to Thank You Notes.

Now, for the record, this is MY bar, that I set for MYSELF.  I seriously don’t ever remember wondering why “so and so” didn’t send a thank you card. Or if they did, why it took so long … so it’s not a plea to ask people to get on it and make sure to do it. (Except my children, please, get on it and make sure you do it!)

I guess it’s just a THANK YOU for saying THANK YOU, and reminding me that doing so is what the cool kids do.

And now, I’m going to go get a stamp and mail the thank you card that has been sitting on my counter for a few weeks.

Wait,  should I send a thank you note to those of you who read, comment and share this little blog of mine? Yes, yeah, I probably should.

You Heard the Lady,


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