Oh NO He Didn’t!!??!

We all love getting Mail, right.
I mean real old fashioned snail mail.  Not the bills, periodicals, fliers, etc.  that show up on the regular, and end up in the recycle bin, with barely a notice.

Well, imagine my delight when a hand written envelope showed up addressed to me, from that distinctive handwriting that could only be my dad’s.

I was excited to see what it was – curious to be sure, and as I tore in, I saw this handwritten note. How sweet, right? He thought of me, and thought it important enough to carefully clip, and send.


As I gleefully looked at the article – it didn’t take long for my smile to fade. Instantly I was – well , I wasn’t sure what I was – hurt? sad? annoyed? confused! Yes that’s it. Had I mentioned that I was interested in losing weight? Im pretty sure – no, downright confident that I NEVER mentioned taking up running. So if I didn’t mention it, had I inadvertently entered a new weight class in which my own father had decided needed to be addressed?


I knew who would be able to help me make some sense of this, this, this, obviously well intended insult mail … enter, my sister! But before I called her, I knew she’d have to see it to understand, so I decided to take a picture of the article to text over to her. In so doing, the clipping fell to the floor … and well, whaddya know it landed upside down, only to expose this:


Ohhhhhh, so THIS is what he wanted me to see:

“5 Ways to Help Kids with Autism Make Friends.”

EUREKA! HALLELUJAH! YESSSSSS! Now THAT makes sense, and THAT does not make me sad OR confused. Only Relieved… 🤣😂😅

Yes, I did that on purpose!

I called my dad, and laughed my way through the telling of the story, and thanked him for sending the very thoughtful article that would most assuredly be helpful for our boys.                                                                    ❤️

Last week, a familiar envelope showed up in our mailbox.
Addressed to me.
By my Dad.

Only this time, he went to great lengths to ensure there were no misunderstandings.


Clear As Day.


And as sweet, and helpful as the last.

And this my friends is what I am sure is the start of a fun new tradition between my dad and I. And that makes me smile. (#tmms for those of you blog followers!) ❤️

You Heard the Lady,

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