Stop. Start. Keep!

Many years ago – in counseling, I think – I first heard of this strategy:

Decide which things are important for you to Stop Doing, Start Doing & Keep Doing.  I’ve put it to use in relationships, at work and in my life, in general.

stop start keep

When times get tough. I pull this out.  When it’s time to start a new chapter, I pull this out.  When I need to redirect my energies, I pull this out.

I’m redirecting my energies, as most people probably are at this time of year.
It’s the last weekend of the holidays. It’s time to get back to a routine, and time to put all these new resolutions, habits and intentions into full force.

I’ll STOP letting my “need” to stay on top of everything take priority over the real priorities.  (read: relax, be present, slow down)

I’ll START putting time back into my mornings for reflection, writing and setting my intentions.  (Why oh why do we ever allow ourselves to get pulled from the things we know are so good for us?)

I’ll KEEP ordering my groceries. 🙂 Damn! I did that for the first time around Thanksgiving and don’t know what took me so long to find this bit of magic!?! #gamechanger #jewelkeepssendingmecoupons now #goingtothegrocerystoreisforamateurs

Now, I just “found time” to get that writing and reflecting in – well whaddya know….

As for you, my dear friends here’s my 2019 wish – I hope you:

STOP being so hard on yourself. We are all doing the best we can. (You are, aren’t you!?!)

START something new.  Anything new. A new habit, a new hobby, a new chapter. Just begin. Like today, right now.

KEEP believing that ANYTHING you want, is possible. You can find it. It’s out there, whatever “it” is (If it wasn’t supposed to be, you never would have thought of it!)

You Heard the Lady,




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