I’m Married to Batman

My husband loves Batman. His favorite superhero for many reasons, not the least of which I care to explain. Something about the car, and blah blah blah.  He’s a BAT. And a Man. And since I’m admittedly not an expert on Super Heroes, SciFi or anything that forces me to suspend belief … suffice it to say, I’m largely unimpressed.  BUT, I do think the BAT SIGNAL is super cool.  Shine that distress signal up in the sky and your masked man comes to save the day.

Alright, you have my attention.

Before you send the Beverage Bat-Signal®!

The Batmobile. Yes, nice.

1966 Batmobile - GTA5-Mods.com

The Bat Phone. Serves a great purpose.

Polycom SoundPoint IP Bat Phone | The .e4 Report

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Place.  Just sounds fun.

Does that make me Bat Girl? Hey! I’m diggin’ this!

Recently on a dinner date, the hubs wore his Batman tshirt under a super cool Ralph Lauren corduroy dinner jacket. Correction: he ROCKED it.  And before you wonder why anyone would put together such a combination, let me tell you that my initial reaction was “NO WAY!” After all, WHO does that?? But if anyone could pull it off, he could. And pull it off, he did. From there, my friend Mary has started referring to him as … you guessed it … Batman.

The 25 Brands That Nailed Logo Design | Lumina

And evidently he likes it, as in a recent discussion Tim shared that when we someday become grandparents, he’d just like to be called “Batman!”

 Which I think is PERFECTION.

Can you just imagine our Littles:

Mommy, is Batman coming to my Birthday Party?

Dad, can we please go to Batman’s? (Oooooh – the Batcave!)

Hey little guy, where did you get that cool shirt?” “Oh, from Batman…”

And the fights that will happen in kindergarten.

YOU don’t really know Batman. Yes I do! No, you don’t. Yes I DO!

Now, to be clear, I’ve never heard of another grandfather referred to as Batman, so as far as we know, Tim is the first, so don’t try and steal his idea. Messing with Batman would not be your smartest move. Just sayin’.


This whole thing (Bat) suits my hubby. And I’m amused.

So, henceforth I shall refer to him as Batman in my blogs, to get him ready for the someday when we hope he will have that title bestowed upon him by a small person.

You Heard the Lady,


2 thoughts on “I’m Married to Batman”

  1. How many times can I reread this??? I laugh my tunie off each time thinking of the conversations by the littles!!!! Hilarious !!!!  Bravo!!  In the middle of all that’s going on you still pull off an unbelievable blog!!  Damn girl!! What can’t you do?!!

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